Book Review: The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

This is an excerpt from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue that explains how to conquer worry and fear. It demonstrates how each of us can create abundance in our lives.

Worry is one of the most powerful adversaries of abundant, happy existence. It can leave you feeling exhausted. Worrying causes us to miss out on the opportunities that are all around us. Instead, you imagine a bleak future with little resources and little hope.

If you’ve been worrying excessively about anything, it’s time to get up and shake it off. Take a deep breath and then put on a sharp outfit. Go somewhere. Take a break for lunch or a drink. Make a call to your buddies and invite them to a night out with you. Consider taking up a new interest, such as billiards or quilting. Learn a new skill, such as website design or development.

In life, you’ll soon realize how critical it is to understand why positive thinking is so important. A positive mindset motivates us to achieve greater heights. Share your vision with people you trust. Be willing to put in the effort to make dreams come true.

Hopefully, you have friends and family members who can grasp your vision to enjoy a life of abundance that benefits everyone. Don’t get caught up in the minor details that could go wrong. If fearful ideas arise, confront them with a courageous, successful outlook. You must believe in yourself.

Zhang Xinyue is a well-known teacher, mentor, and spiritualist who knows how to help others achieve success in their personal and professional lives. She enjoys collaborating with others. She argues that we can achieve prosperity if we change our mindset and stop thinking negatively.

We may learn to create abundance in a variety of areas, including money and relationships. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue shows you how to alter your life via meditation, positive thinking, and connecting to the cosmic energy that surrounds us.