How should I take care of a child’s teeth?

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Good oral habits are key to helping children maintain healthy, strong teeth well into old age. Caring for your child’s teeth involves taking the time to foster healthy dental habits coupled with annual dental visits to ensure your child’s teeth are in good condition. Here are some simple tips and facts that can improve a child’s teeth.

Decayed baby teeth will affect adult teeth – Baby teeth that are decayed can affect permanent teeth, depending on the level of decay. If a child has decayed teeth, visit a dentist immediately for treatment.

Losing teeth early can affect your smile – If a child’s baby teeth fall out early, it can affect how their adult teeth erupt. Baby teeth help to stabilize the gums and assist adult teeth to erupt correctly. Teeth that incorrectly erupt can be misaligned causing bite and overcrowding problems. Children who have lost baby teeth due to an accident should use a space maintainer until their adult teeth erupt.

Protect your child’s teeth during sports – Teeth can chip or break during any form of recreational sport. To keep your child’s teeth safe, choose a sports mouthguard that is professionally fitted.

Brushing and flossing – Observe your child as they brush and floss their teeth before bed. A child should use a soft bristle brush and brush their teeth for 2 mins twice daily. Gentle brushing in a circular motion is advised for tooth and gum health.

See a pediatric dentist – When your child turns one or when they get their first teeth, book an appointment with a pediatric dentist and every year thereafter. A child’s first dental visit will involve assessing a child’s teeth, gums, bite, and lips.

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