Is NEFT Vodka Russian?

The answer is no, NEFT vodka is not Russian, but an international brand with roots in Austria and a home base in California. Founded by Katya Kuzmina in Austria in 2012, NEFT has since become a lifestyle brand that resonates with bon vivant tastemakers and adventure-seekers alike.

While it may not be Russian, NEFT vodka has certainly made its mark on the global stage. The brand is known for its internationally-acclaimed award-winning vodka products. In 2018 and 2019, it won the “Best Vodka” award and unanimous gold ratings at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, making it only the second vodka in the world to achieve two consecutive “Double Gold” statuses.

But NEFT’s commitment extends beyond just creating superior vodka. The brand places a high emphasis on sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly production methods and recyclable packaging into its operations. The vodka is crafted using Alpine spring water, filtered through the slate and granite surfaces of the Austrian Alps, and non-GMO ancient rye grains. This unique blend results in a smooth, award-winning taste.

Speaking of unique, NEFT’s packaging is just as distinctive as the vodka it houses. The vodka comes in a barrel-shaped container, available in black, white, or pride-themed colors. This unique packaging design not only turns heads at gatherings but also embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The barrels are fully recyclable, made from tin and aluminum, and designed to stay cold for six hours.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NEFT showed its dedication to the community by organizing the NEFT After Dark live-streaming series, a Virtual Cocktail Party Series, to raise funds for bartenders who were severely affected by the pandemic.

In conclusion, NEFT vodka, while not Russian, has carved out its unique identity in the vodka industry. With its exceptional quality, sustainable practices, and striking packaging, NEFT continues to make waves in the spirits world.