What is the Attraction for Employees who Prefer a Work from Home Office

Amongst the normal reasons, Lucy Lyle of Perch Fame says “Remote work only increases your productivity if you’re willing to create a quiet, comfortable environment to work in”. Lucy Lyle continues “Eliminate distractions, create a schedule of focused intervals, and don’t forget to take a break every once in a while.”

Since the pandemic in 2020, more companies have moved to smaller office spaces or eliminated the space to move their team online and work from remote home offices. Employees much prefer to work from home as there are many advantages and most importantly they can find work-life balance. Spending time with their children and elderly parents can make all the difference to the remote workers’ frame of mind.

Lucy Lyle discusses how it is less stressful when employees have the opportunity of keeping to their schedule which then saves time and money because they are not commuting. What the home office offers is that there is no waste of time, you don’t have to run for a bus or train or sit in slow-moving traffic.

You have the extra time to pursue your outside interests and hobbies as well as be there for your family and still produce high-quality work. The money saved on office clothes, commuting, and coffee and snacks on the go can be put to use for extra vacation time for example.

One of the biggest attractions is the flexibility aspect of working from home, as long as you are a self-motivated and self-disciplined person working from home will be convenient and you will attain job satisfaction. Being able to keep your hours as long as you meet your deadlines is a big plus for remote workers.