Should You Allow Employees to Use Social Media Sites?

In the past, employers have strictly forbidden their employees to log on to some of their favorite social networking sites during business hours. The reason for this is obvious: It can be a huge time waster.

A well-meaning employee might log onto their Facebook account just to update their status, which really only takes a couple of minutes, but then find a few friends there and start talking about their lunch or after-work plans and before you know it, twenty minutes have passed. Time flies when you’re having fun! OTC Global Holdings recognizes this.

And yet, employees can derive great benefits from taking this type of “mental break” from their daily routine.

Javier Loya of OTC Global Holdings comments: “We don’t all have jobs that are mentally and physically stimulating. Some jobs are downright boring. Employees must sit at their desks for long hours performing the same repetitious tasks over and over. This can cause a number of problems.”

Some of these problems include:


Neck and back aches

Listless, almost sleepy behavior


More errors in their work

At OTC Global Holdings, company executives understand the challenges of employees. By allowing your employees the diversion of being able to log onto their Facebook or Instagram account several times a day for say…ten minutes, your employee is able to “rest their brain”, as well as their back and neck muscles. Their whole body takes a big SIGH of relief! This type of “Mental Coffee Break” can be quite beneficial.

Javier Loya is the founder and owner of Choice Energy Management and the Co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH). In addition, he is a minority owner of the NFL’s Houston Texans franchise and proudly serves on the National Football League’s Diversity Committee.