How Long Has Ibogaine Been Available As a Medication?

Beond Ibogaine has acquired and uses Ibogaine to treat patients who are suffering from various addictions and depression. Ibogaine has been used as a medicinal option for over 30 years. It is a strong and powerful psychedelic drug derived from a shrub in west Africa. This root bark has been used by the indigenous people for generations to treat a range of different ailments.

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is a legal clinic in Mexico it offers luxury private rooms and gourmet dinners and one on one therapy as well as group sessions. The patients are treated with the best medical attention and have large grounds to roam in whilst recovering. Clients that are admitted to Beond Ibogaine clinic in Mexico are given appropriate doses of the drug Ibogaine in pill form and their progress is monitored closely.

This is a medication that has been available for many decades and progress has been seen using Ibogaine for opiate addiction The patients are closely watched over the hours that the psychedelic takes to work. It is possible to alter the thinking patterns and work on decreasing the need for opioids and therefore curing the addiction. This is not a pill that can be administered alone, it is solely for use in a regulated medical center such as Beond Ibogaine.

Alternative therapies for depression are treated at centers around the globe that are affiliated with Ibogaine treatment. These are outside of the USA as Ibogaine is a schedule one drug in the US. In New Zealand, it is considered a prescription drug and it is available and legal to be used in clinics in Mexico to offer patients an alternative therapy for depression.

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