How Lawmakers Can Work with Local Citizens for the Betterment of our Society

Rep. JD Rossetti, D-Longview has been working on some big important projects lately. He gets involved in the types of legislation that are common sense measures. He believes in getting people involved in making America an amazing place to live.

As Rossetti points out, “We need the advice, opinions and help from local citizens in many types of problems today. Ordinary citizens are the ones who see the problems in our society. They understand what’s going on better than anyone.”

Everyday folks have the right to be enraged at how the American Dream is gradually falling apart. This is an issue that Americans seem concerned about now.

Working parents are putting in more hours than ever, but still can’t get ahead. Many are worried that our children will be the first generation in history to perform worse than their parents.

The gap between those born affluent and the rest of us is developing into a chasm that none of us can hope to cross unless we change the path of Washington state and America. In one State of the Union speech, Rossetti outlined four freedoms:

Freedom of speech

Freedom of worship

Freedom from lack

Freedom from fear

Whether you live in Washington, Los Angeles, or London, there are certain freedoms that are precious to all humanity.

Justin JD Rossetti comments, “As lawmakers, it’s our duty to work with the citizens in our districts to make their neighborhood and workplace as efficient, safe and productive as possible.”

Rep. Justin JD Rossetti is a politician that lives in Longview, WA with his wife and three sons. He is a small business owner who has served on the Longview School Board.