5 Best Business YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs

YouTube has become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world. You can showcase a new product or talk about how effective your services are. You can demonstrate how something works and give lessons on important topics. There’s really no end to how you can use YouTube and lots of entrepreneurs do use it each and every day. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch shares 5 of the best YouTube channels for successful business leaders.

Marie Forleo reaches almost a million people in 195 countries. She was named a top thought leader by Oprah. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs find their niche and become successful. Her YouTube channel always includes dynamic training programs that help people succeed in business. She can show you how to avoid common pitfalls.

Ted Talks have become indispensable for the world’s business leaders. Tony Robbins is a favorite on the YouTube channel, along with Amy Cuddy. Recently, psychologist Ruchi Sinha’s video about how to negotiate got over 117,000 views. This is the kind of exposure that can catapult you to success.

Best selling author, Brian Tracy enjoys sharing tips about goal setting and teaches viewers how to be more productive.

Dan Martell specializes in branding. He can help a struggling business find new ways to develop their brand so that it speaks to the consumer.

Derek Halpern helps business owners learn more about how to get media coverage for their products and services. He also has good advice for those who deal with procrastination.

Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch has been helping business leaders achieve success since 1999. She holds conferences around the world so entrepreneur can gather and learn more from colleagues. Zhang Xinyue and the Golden Touch organization is leading the way for successful entrepreneurs.