Family-Style Catering for Special Events in Los Angeles

Article written by Backstage Lounge

There are many ways to serve food to your guests at a special event, from buffet style to restaurant-style dining. There is another way to serve food that is growing in popularity, one that started at home: family-style dining.

Family-style dining is not to be confused with restaurant style, although both styles require guests to sit at a table. The difference is that family-style dining places all the meals on the table at once, and the guests get to serve themselves, often passing around the plates just like dinner time at home. Most event catering services allow you to choose the style you want for your wedding or corporate event. Not sure if family-style is right for your event? Read on to discover the benefits of this traditional way to eat at the table.

Elegant and Comfortable

Buffet style dining is casual, while restaurant-style can be too fancy and dry. But family-style catering in Orange County and Los Angeles is right in between, a way of eating that is both elegant and comfortable. Guests get to sit down at a table, but don’t have to feel as though dining is such as fancy affair. Family-style dining allows guests to eat at their own leisure, which means they can eat as much as they like (similar to a buffet) but without leaving their tables.

Adds Variety

Restaurant-style dining usually serves each guest a single appetizer, a single entrée, and a choice of dessert. But family-style dining during appetizer time includes numerous appetizers on the table, allowing guests to sample and enjoy each one. The same is true for the entrees, or main meal of the event. During a family-style dinner, the table is adorned with a variety of main courses and side dishes.