Extravagant Wedding Venues in Glendale

Do you want your wedding to stand out? Are you searching for extravagant banquet halls in Burbank and Glendale areas? We understand. A wedding celebration is the perfect time to reveal your personal taste and style, and for many couples this means it’s time to show off their refined taste. Fortunately, Los Angeles is home to some of the fanciest banquet halls in the country, many of which have been designed and built just for large, extravagant weddings. Here’s a look at one of the favorite halls owned and operated by yours truly.


Few banquet halls compare to the grandeur and beauty of Ballroom, a posh banquet hall in the heart of Glendale, California. This 4,500 square-foot venue boasts high ceilings, modern architecture, and a 60-foot crystal chandelier. It’s large enough to accommodate up to 450 guests, all of whom will be blown away by the interior design.

The inside of this hall features mirrored walls, a crystal encrusted backdrop, and gold detailing. With a large dance floor, this is the perfect place to celebrate an extravagant wedding. Although luxurious, couples are allowed to customize the space and add their own flowers and décor.

In addition to luxurious décor, Ballroom offers a variety of amenities to perfect your big day. Couples can choose the venue’s award-winning on-site catering services or bring in their own catering company. Couples can also take advantage of in-house specialty lighting service, video, live music, DJ, and a fantastic sound system.