Why Rattan Furniture Belongs in Your Office

What comes to mind when you think of office furniture? Do you think of plain, dull computer desks and chairs? Do you imagine aged, cracked leather couches in a reception area? Many workplaces do not invest much time and effort in their office furniture or aesthetics, but recent studies have shown the importance of office aesthetics for productivity, recruitment, and employee retention.

A study published in the EuroMed Journal of Business showed that workplace aesthetics had a significant positive effect on employee job satisfaction and motivation. Aesthetic environments also influenced employees’ creativity, helping them solve problems in the workplace. Furthermore, in another study, 61% of workers valued an aesthetically pleasing workplace over other desirable workplace qualities, including a communal atmosphere and work flexibility. Lastly, aesthetically pleasing offices can help make a good impression on potential employees and business partners who visit.

For these reasons, it may be beneficial to choose unorthodox but elegant furniture styles such as rattan furniture for your reception or waiting area and outdoor wicker furniture for your outdoor work area. They may not fit the mold of traditional office furniture, but they look elegant and fashionable, changing the atmosphere of your workplace. You can usually find furniture styles such as these at furniture suppliers such as Wicker Paradise.

Many different things can affect workplace morale, productivity, and stress levels among your employees. Aesthetically pleasing workplaces have been a proven way to instantly improve the mood at your office. Be sure to take a look at new furniture pieces today.