Burbank Town Center: The Ultimate Reason for Visiting Burbank, CA

Burbank, California is a great mid-size city in Los Angeles. There are lots of things to do, so getting bored is the last thing anyone will have to worry about in Burbank. The Downtown Burbank area A.K.A the Burbank Town Center is no doubt one of the main attractions in Burbank, CA. With its many restaurants, bars, movie theaters, shopping, coffee shops and bookstores, there is something to do for anyone.

One of the biggest challenges the Burbank Town Center presents is deciding which restaurant to eat at, because it’s got so many good restaurants. Whatever your budget, there is something good to eat in Burbank Town Center.

You can just drive around or walk a few blocks until you find something you like. The Town Center is also directly across the Burbank Mall, which also hosts P.F. Changs and and a food court.

Some of our restaurant recommendations in the Town Center are: Market City Caffe which offers Italian food and salad bar, Gourmet 88 which offers Chinese food, Fuddruckers which offers hamburgers, Seoul Korean BBQ and Kabuki Japanese Restaurant which also offers Sushi..

If you are eating during the day, you can walk over to the mall to do some shopping. If you are visiting at night, then there are lot’s of other activities in the Burbank Town Center.

Head on to AMC Theaters if you want to watch movies. If you want some drinks or you are single and want to mingle, then head on to Gordon Biersch or Burbank Bar & Grill. Burbank Bar & Grill is also the only spot in Burbank that offer live bands and entertainment. Their food is also pretty good. You can also play billiards at Fantasia Billiards.

If you like books, then head to Book Castle-Movie World, where you can easily spend an hour going through used books, old magazines, comic books and sci-fi paperbacks. They also have lot’s of bargain kids books, if you have any kids. There is also a Barnes & Noble close by, on the other side of the mall, better to drive there, but walking will probably not take more than 15 minutes.

Don’t forget the coffee shops, Starbucks and Coffee Bean, are also popular hang out places in Burbank Town Center.

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