Best Restaurants in Burbank, CA

I have lived and worked in Burbank for over 10 years now and even prior to that, I visited Burbank on a weekly basis. Although there are may still be some top restaurants in Burbank that I have not been to, I bring you what I feel are the best restaurants in Burbank, CA in no particular order. There is a restaurant for any budget in Burbank. There is Zankou and Corner Bakery, if you have a low budget and those who like to spend a little and go to a fancy place there is Castaway. Please keep in mind that for this list, I have left out the fast food chains, but one of the most popular places to eat in Burbank is In-n-out. So here we go with the list:

– Casteway
– Zankou Chicken
– Corner Cottage
– BJ’s
– Black Angus
– Market City Caffe
– Chadaka Thai
– The Great Grill
– Bob’s Big Boy
– Portos Bakery & CafĂ©
– Poquito Mas – The Original Baja
– Gourmet 88
– South Street Steaks
– Olive Garden
– Bistro Provence
– Islands
– Daphney’s
– California Pizza Kitchen
– Seoul Korean BBQ
– Outback Steakhouse
– Fuddruckers
– Fatburgers
– P.F. Changs

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